Transport & logistics

The transportation industry is undergoing significant changes at the present time. On-going developments to strengthen security regulation and consolidation across transport value chain present opportunities and challenges to players both old and new. Moreover innovations in transport and logistics provide growth in new revenue opportunities and competitive advantages but also the risk of being left behind.

Pragmatica supports leading transport and logistics clients providing pragmatic, actionable advise across a broad range of areas including new revenue growth strategies, benchmarking, capability expansion and planning, business case development and regulatory submissions. The depth and rigor of our analysis and commercial insight enables our clients to pursue ever-greater value from their operations while addressing challenges including regulatory and competitive pressures, funding constraints and new revenue opportunities.

Pragmatica services of specific interest to transport and logistics organizations include;

  • Smart Logistics: provide support for proposition and end-to-end business processes development necessary for a highly efficient deployment and on-going operation of a smart logistics estate
  • Propositions development:  use consumer research and economic analysis to develop a strategic approach to business case and strategy development, proposition pricing and go-to-market approach
  • Transformational services: draws on our technology, organizational change and project management expertise to help you anticipate and respond to industry challenges.
  • Benchmarking: enable like-for-like cost comparisons between organizations and business units. Also identify cost efficiency opportunities through the application of quantitative and qualitative analysis to normalize activity unit costs and define structural cost factors


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