Although the worst days of the global financial crisis appear to be behind us, for many insurers the speed of recovery is likely to vary widely across regions and businesses. Moreover most insurers going forward regardless of how they fared during the crisis are being forced to confront far-reaching challenges emerging from adoption of new technologies and regulations:

  • How to capture growth in a two-speed Europe
  • How to adapt business models to structural shifts and regulatory change in the industry
  • How to create competitive advantage through execution excellence in distribution, claims, pricing, and closed books
  • How to leverage Telematics and Big data opportunity

By analysing the dynamics of the insurance industry and leveraging the opportunities for adoption of new technologies, Pragmatica’s Insurance practice creates solutions that ensure high value creation and further growth for clients. Some of key capabilities are but limited to;

  • Insurance telematics: Identify opportunities to enhance and expand telematics offerings across personal and commercial lines.
  • Distribution and Channel optimisation: develop sales strategy, identify opportunities for channel optimisation and provide analysis and recommendations for increasing the customer lifetime value.
  • Operational effectiveness: reviewing the relationship between operations and business, managing operational risk and setting service delivery targets

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