Start-up Venturing

The time to market for most start-up companies is the key to realising their business vision, return for investors, and sustain commercial activities and in today’s two paced global economy further excerbates the situation with number of challenges:

  • Market problems: the problem of their being little or no market for the product and propositions developed
  • Business model innovation: how to quickly reach out to the end customer and ensure that the cost of acquiring the customer (CAC) actually remains lower than the lifetime value of that customer (LTV)
  • Lack of management talent: how to put together a good management team that shares and remains invested in the long term business vision
  • Cash flow issues: ensure succesful delivery and achievement of key milestones for raising cash
  • Product roadmap: most of the time the first product that a start-up brings to market won’t meet the market need

We help entrepreneurs and start-ups to realise their strategic plans and commercial vision bringing clarity in market's value creation activities and reducing their time to market. We invest and provide our clients;

  • People: highly experienced professionals and are able to pull upon their career to add hard earned experience to the start-up business vision
  • Business planning and strategy development: business roadmap identifying roadblocks and models scenarios to determine optimal plan parameters for start-ups
  • Market, Product and Competitor mapping: not just conduct market research but identify the opportunities for new revenue growth
  • Go-to-market: bring together all the commercial functions; sales, marketing, pricing, and consumer insight to drive the bottom line
  • Lean Sart-up: methodology and tools to bring the idea to market and measure the impact of different strategic scenarios and market change

Drop us a line, and we will be happy to share our venturing model and understand your requirements.