Corporate venturing

Corporate Venturing have become an increasingly important—and complex—part of corporate strategy. But the advantages of shared risk are often offset by unclear governance and lack of genuine commitment. Moreover depending on a company's strategic goals and roadmap, different kinds of ventures and governance structures may be appropriate.

Pragmatica has a unique innovation incubation framework where we work with large and SME companies helping them develop their innovation function and providing a strategic alliance or support to take products or services to the market that will generate new revenue streams for both parties for equity participation.

Pragmatica looks to find the best way to structure and manage alliances and partnerships to achieve the strategic goals of the venture bringing together capabilities;

  • Operational value improvement: is the key for long term value creation and sustenance though there is no single formula for creating an operational advantage. Pragmatica applies its core delivery capabilities to find fresh sources of differentiation, and develop the capacity for on-going business change.
  • Financial effectiveness: is an integral and more than ever important capability for successful execution of corporate venturing strategies. We help our clients through our network of relationships develop optimal and fit for purpose finance strategy to realise value creation opportunities.

Drop us a line, and we will be happy to share our venturing model and understand your requirements.