Business leadership is under more pressure today than ever before; from staff to shareholders, customers to suppliers, competitors to governments it often seems that the right leadership path is akin to a maze with no exit.

Too often leaders are placed into roles without the requisite training, experience and coaching and expected to find their way at just the point when their support network has suddenly evaporated.  The outcome can often be traumatic for both the company and the individual but can easily be mitigated through good coaching and, if the need arises, timely intervention.

Where a company is struggling with leadership gaps we have demonstrated our ability to provide pragmatic, experienced executives to help steer the company back on track often leveraging our equity-for-experience proposition.

Pragmatica is staffed with only seasoned senior leaders who have not only held leadership roles in some of the most demanding and prestigious companies in the world but also, through experience, tenacity and setbacks discovered what it takes to be a successful leader and, through deeply held coaching skills, are able to share and counsel both new leaders as well as seasoned executives tackling difficult issues.

We use a range of tools and interventions to support the areas of Interim leadership and management; Non-executive Director and Board-level support; Succession planning and transition; and Orbit changing workshops.

Drop us an email, and we would be happy to assess how we could help you.