Growth strategy

In the tumultuous economic times we are currently navigating through it is increasing important to raise the ‘management eye’ above the sales, overheads and margins, whose careful stewardship can only help protect business in the short-term, to establish a clear plan for strategic growth. Taking the time to understand what your business is truly about, establishing credible and profitable future products and services and delivering a clear action plan for implementation and subsequent profitable delivery is essential for continuing business success. However, delivering growth in what can often be a stagnating market, an under-performing enterprise or simply a business that is too focussed on today to worry about tomorrow is easier said than done.  Bringing in independent, external support can be an essential first step in aligning leadership teams to the critical task and responsibility that lies ahead. At Pragmatica we have demonstrable experience in delivering both the analytical and change aspects of what is a critical business process – establishing a successful growth strategy is as much about engaging with the business leaders and staff in understanding where the company is heading as it is delivering a credible business plan which has demonstrable growth at its core.

We help clients to develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value and realise the overall company vision. We collaborate with clients on;

  • Innovation: Analyse current innovation processes from concept through launch enhancing existing processes to align innovation processes across all relevant departments
  • Market, Product and Competitor mapping: conduct market and product category selection establishing the resources allocation and analysing the opportunities for new revenue growth
  • Strategic planning and implementation: Integrate management input during this process and also identify roadblocks and models scenarios to determine optimal plan parameters
  • Shareholder value creation: M&A activities and or devising different strategic scenarios and market strategies for increasing the company value

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