Operational value improvement

Getting the most from increasingly scarce resource, be it financial, human or simply time, is a critical success factor for business today.  Understanding what part of the enterprise is a critical competitive advantage against that which can be out-sourced can have dramatic effects on the bottom line, for good and bad.

By having a strategic platform that articulates what drives the business and hence the most efficient way each supporting operation can be achieved and, most importantly, how this changes over time, as the company grows in both size and geographies, allows for a sustainable and effective operation.

Pragmatica has delivered numerous programmes, both working within companies as well as independent consultants, delivering clear and pragmatic operational strategies that have transformed the way their clients do business. From business processes, to supplier strategies to customer insight we have the ability to work along the entire value chain.

Working at both an executive and operational standpoint we have delivered programmes encompassing business outsourcing, insourcing and operational efficiency optimisation.

As is the Pragmatica approach, we only use seasoned, pragmatic individuals who leverage their own deep knowledge to provide advice which could never be gleaned from even the most insightful management books alone.

We use a range of tools to support the areas of Target operating model development; End-to-end processes mapping; Lean and Six Sigma implementation; Change Management and Implementation.

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