M2M capability

Pragmatica have many years’ experience of working in the field of M2M for the last 3 years with many of the leading global mobile communication companies and we are fast becoming one of the industry’s leading advisors.  During this time we have built up both context and capability to define, drive, implement and deliver M2M strategy for organisations.

All companies across many sectors including telecom, healthcare, transport and insurance to name a few are looking to M2M, which represents huge growth opportunity with many solutions covering all existing market sub-sectors, totally new markets and services to continue to sustain their business growth.

The key challenge remains though for most companies is where and how to enter this market and drive the potential growth. Their traditional skill set has been based on aligning resources and capability to either the B2C or B2B market and not on being the service provider that understands and responds to customer needs providing propositions that are shared and enhanced across the industry value-chains.

Pragmatica recognise these challenges and have developed an unique approach to defining and implementing M2M capability.

Drawing on our experience and expertise we help our clients in;

  • Define the M2M market vision & potential
  • Align M2M ventures with sector focus areas
  • Develop M2M propositions relevant for sector focus areas
  • Forging global partnerships
  • Skills assessment and needs
  • Implementation plans

The above encompasses initiatives such as Smart Metering for Utilities companies, where growth is being driven by government targets, through to areas such as Smart Homes, Insurance Telematics and Logistics where the opportunity for the companies is to “make the market” rather than respond to it, Pragmatica can help.

Building a capability is one thing - successfully implementing and driving profitable growth from that is a whole new challenge. Pragmatica recognise the skills challenge that many clients face and work alongside and within the business to not only define the strategy but to offer all the skills and support needed to build and sell the agreed propositions.

Drop us an email, and we would be happy to assess how we could help you.