Pragmatica Delivery Framework generates savings of over $100m

This organization was spending on average some $1.3bn per annum on IT business projects spread across all the different businesses and right across the world. The challenge was to look at how money could be shaved off this budget by more efficient running of these projects covering: budgetary control, people and project management, project control and planning, sourcing and overall approach and framework. Budgetary savings of $100’s m were identified should these areas be implemented effectively. The process involved implementing an overall Project Delivery Framework (PDF) which covered ‘rules’ of how projects should be run both internally and by external partners. This framework was rolled out to the whole organization. In addition the variety of external suppliers was reduced from 30-40 down to 4 key suppliers working much more effectively and efficiently with the organization as partners. All these things resulted in multiple savings right across the project portfolio.