Our approach

What we do

We provide advisory and business services that improve our clients' competitive edge. Our team of experts and consultants work closely with clients across sectors to create plans, strategies and new product roadmaps to succeed in complex, fast-changing markets.

We have two distinct propositions;

Consulting: where we offer insourced strategy and innovation services to medium sized enterprises and large corporates, and

Venturingwe provide leadership and execution capabilities on long term or interim basis to startups and small businesses

How we do what we do

We align our objectives and methodologies entirely with our clients’ and leveraging our knowledge, experience and networks, to fast track the right outcomes for both parties. Moreover Pragmatica people share ethos of delivery providing top quality and cost effective advice and business transformation. And at Pragmatica we share the same values as our clients, and we succeed or fail as a consequence of our success on client engagements.

Consulting proposition: we work on a long term retainer basis with the majority of our fees based on revenue share or commission

Venturing proposition: we provide human effort in return for equity in the business