Our team

All Pragmatica people with their very varying backgrounds still have one thing in common. They are all taking the plunge into an execution-led corporate culture characterized by energy and dynamism, partnership and empathy, an international outlook and the will to deliver transformational and positive results to clients.

Our team members are seasoned professionals, from the most experienced who have held senior positions in both the world’s largest consulting organizations as well as some of the largest commercial enterprises through to those who have solid, hands on capability and share a desire to drive results and quality in all that they do.

Management team

The firm is led by David Kirby and Paul Teather – highly experienced management consultants who have delivered transformational and positive value to clients and have held senior positions in leading UK and global companies.


    David Kirby                                        Paul Teather

We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and please drop us a line if you want to speak to member of our team.