About Us

Pragmatica is a hybrid consulting and venturing company founded back in 2010 by a small team of very experienced individuals. We had all worked at the highest level in both ‘the big 4’ and at board level within industry and were all of the same strong view, that in order for the consulting industry to survive and add value for the future it had to change and shake off its somewhat tarnished reputation;

  • It had to be prepared to share risk
  • It had to be prepared to drive and share in the solutions and outcomes
  • It had to do things quickly and pragmatically
  • It still needs to retain the best and experienced people
  • It had to be cost effective
  • It had to work with and as an integral part of the client

…and above all it had to offer real long term value.

This is what we built Pragmatica to be; bringing a refreshing and new approach to consulting and venturing through investing in our partnerships with clients and sharing in the value we help create. This approach can vary from advisory services where our commercial platform is built on fees mixed with outcomes, right through to putting our time and effort into the business in exchange for a reward which might be profit-share or equity.

We work with smaller entrepreneurial organizations right through to the large blue chips both who have the same challenges of innovation, agility, growth, cash and profit. We are totally results driven and our approach is to work as part of your team drawing on the best experience and capability in order to make an impact fast. We aim to work effectively, efficiently and pragmatically bringing real practical experience to our partners - hence our name.